Homework Policies

Homework is very important for students to have. It helps reinforce the skills that were taught during the day!
The students will have homework in
Reading and Math.
***Students are given participation points for turning homework weekly and affects their grade.

Reading passages are sent home daily. Your child should read the passage for a minute and write down the number of words read in one minute.
Students should apply Close Reading strategies to the passage:
1. Identify and label title
2. Number paragraphs
3. Circle main idea
4. Underline important details
5. Make side notes on margins (includes pictures)
6. Answer comprehension questions by showing evidence within text (# of paragraph or line where answer was found)
*Reading Homework is due daily.
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Math homework is sent home for the week. Students need to complete it daily and it includes practice to reinforce the skills and concepts in the week.
Your child needs to complete the daily work practice.
Students should apply CUBES strategy for word problems:
The CUBES strategy is:
C- Circle the needed information
U- Underline the question
B- Box key words that help determine operation to use (+ - x or /)
E- Eliminate unnecessary information and Evaluate how to solve
S- Solve and show their work
*Math homework needs to be completed daily.

ALL students will get a MATH booklet monthly/ TODOS los estudiantes obtendran un libreto de MATEMATICAS cada mes.

 Students need to/ Estudiantes necesitan:
Answer questions in English the best they can!, complete all questions , parents need to revise (check) the student work daily./Contestar las preguntas lo mejor que puedan en Ingles!, c
ompletar todas las preguntas , Padres necesitan revisar (chequear) el trabajo diariamente.

Booklets are due on the 20th of every month./Libros deben ser entregados el 20 de cada mes.

**Any questions or concerns about homework, please feel free to call or e-mail me.**
**Cualquier pregunta o preocupacion, por favor de llamarme o mandarme un e-mail.**