The Sunridge staff strives to challenge a student population which runs the gamut of academic abilities.  Our belief is to teach to the highest level, while providing a support system which would meet the needs of any student.

Mathematics is provided through the use of the Math Connects program. 

This program gears our students, kindergarten through fifth grade, to a hands on learning approach to the understanding of basic math computation skills as well as, algebraic formulations.

Also implemented at Sunridge is a District wide Math Booklet to enforce additional math skills.


Social Studies and Science are taught through thematic units.  Students receive 30-45 minutes of Music, Physical Education, Library, Computers, and Art each week.  Each classroom also has a minimum of two computers for student use.


Study Island - Study Island’s programs are explicitly designed to help students master the content specified in state and Common Core standards. Study Island provides rigorous content for math and ELA in grades K-12, PARCC- and SBAC-aligned item types, extensive Common Core transition support, Common Core diagnostic pretests, and benchmark tests built specifically from the CCSS.

Kids At Hope - Sunridge is a "kids at Hope" Campus where all children are considered capable of success.
Kids at Hope inspires empowers and transforms schools, organizations serving youth and entire communities to create an environment and culture where all children experience success, NO EXCEPTIONS!

CHARACTER EDUCATION teaches universally-accepted values, such as trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship, and motivates youth to incorporate these values into their lives.

Sunridge also participates in many Special Olympic Activities.


In addition to this, Sunridge School has two 35 computer Chromebase labs where most students are scheduled for one or more 30 minute and up sessions each week. Teachers also have access to 2 chromebook mobile labs (30 each). 1 macair mobile lab (35 laptops), and an additional 35 ipads.