Parent Teacher Organization

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Why should you get involved?
Because with you, we can make a difference!

PTO will be having "Dress Down" day once a month

Don't forget: "Pastries With Parents" on the first Friday of each month
at 7:45 AM in the Cafeteria.

If you are interested in helping at any of these events please contact your students teacher or leave a message for a PTO member at the front office.

PTO Minutes 

Meeting December 4, 2019

Old Business: 

-Discussion about Deposits made from Fall carnival, Thanksgiving Dinner, Candle Sale, and Dress Down Days. 

-Thanksgiving Dinner Feedback: 

-There was still some confusion with the “To-Go” line, needs to be refined next year.

-PTO Sodas were sold, this went well.

-There was available seating for parents.

-The singing and dancing entertainment by the students was very well received by the

 audience. People enjoyed watching the students. Possibly open it up for more grades

next year.

-PTO might go back to doing the raffle baskets. Some parents were asking about the raffle, and were disappointed to not have them. A suggestion was made to do raffles at different times. Sell tickets for the first raffle of certain baskets, do the drawing at the given time, and then dump the tickets out and sell new tickets for the next drawing. This could help with having too many people waiting for the raffles to be drawn.

-A suggestion was made to have random prizes given out during the night. We can put stickers/numbers on the bottom of random plates.

-Turkey Feathers did not sell as many as last year, a suggestion was made to change it back to the teacher with the least feathers gets to be the turkey.

-Candle Sale:

-Candles will be delivered the last week before Winter Break, December 16-20th.

-A suggestion was made to have the sale run longer than one week next year. (This was

a trial year, so this is why it was only one week.)

New Business:

-Hot Cocoa, December 20: 

-PTO will pass cocoa out again to the classrooms.

-Preschool and Headstart will be included this year.

-Possibly passed out around 9am.

-Drink Cart for Dec. 20:

-Stewart will work with McDonalds to see if a deal can be made to get 4 different options for teachers to choose from.

-Stewart will work on getting orders from the teachers and picking up the drinks, but will need help from PTO parents with delivering to the teachers.

-December Fundraiser: 

-Candy Cane Grams will be sold during lunch, December 16-20. 

-Students can buy candy canes with a die-cut shape card for $1.00.

-Students will buy the candy canes and take them at that time. They can pass them out

Themselves, if they are buying for a friend/relative/teacher. If needed, teachers can help

facilitate passing them to other students in other classes.

-PTO parents will make a flyer to send home.

-Pencils and Stickers will also be sold for 25 or 50 cents.

-12 Foot Tree for the Music Concert:

-PTO parents will decorate it on Friday, Dec. 6.

-Stewart and Ostrom will put the tree together Thursday, Dec. 5.

-December Music Program:

-2 pinatas were approved last meeting.

-No permission slips are needed because parents are in attendance.

-Stewart will announce at the program about parents giving consent.

-January Peter Piper Pizza Fundraiser:

-Peter Piper Pizza has not been scheduled yet, due to the contact person no longer

working at Peter Piper Pizza.

-February Valentine Sale:

-There will be a “store” for the kids to buy Valentine items.

-It is not necessarily a “fundraiser”, because we usually just break even. However, the

kids really enjoy it, so we will continue offering it.

-Chocolate Sale:

-There will be a chocolate sale sometime in the spring before it gets too hot for

chocolate, possibly in March/April.