Teaching Philosophy


    Teaching is a simple word that anyone is capable of reading and understanding but not everyone is willing to dedicate their time and energy to foster its meaning. That is what teaching means to me and what I am conscious of since the first day I decided to become a teacher. I chose teaching as my career in life because I believe it is the most fulfilling career in life. Knowing that as an individual you can make a difference in one and many other young lives makes it more worthwhile. Ever since I was young I had always had the passion of teaching others and learning about new things. 

    I am the oldest of four siblings and therefore I have experienced teaching all through out my life. I have taught my younger siblings and enjoyed being able to teach them but most of all feeling good about it. I also chose teaching because I love working with children and I enjoy helping others. I believe the teaching profession gives me the opportunity to build a close relationship with families of all cultural backgrounds and make-up. 

    It is empowering to know that as a future teacher I am able to make a difference in a child's life. Students are the important part of a classroom because it is through them that we learn so much and they are the future of this world. Parents play an important role in my classroom and I encourage and will always welcome them to participate in the classroom and at home with their children.

eaching is part of growing and how else to grow than by working with children and learning from them. Therefore, the classroom will become the “children’s” classroom and it will be filled with their own individualized creations. I picture the classroom as a colorful, safe and loving environment where all children are welcomed and accepted. Children will be exposed to many learning experiences, hands-on activities and opportunities to create caring relationships with one another. 

    Family members will always be welcomed into the classroom and be part of our learning community. They will be encouraged to participate in our learning experiences, adventures and grow and learn along with their own children. Our future is in the hands of our children and how else to show it than to allow them to be creative, responsible and independent individuals in their own classroom learning environment.