Classroom Expectations


These are the classroom expectations for our class. Aside from learning the many fun and interesting facts of each subject we also recite daily chants that help promote self-respect, integrity, and diversity.

Classroom Rules

There are five easy to follow rules in our classroom

1. Follow directions
2. Raise your hand (when asking for help or stating an answer)
3. Stay in your seat
4. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
5. Respect everyone

Failure to follow any of these rules will result in:
1st Occurrence - Verbal warning
2nd Occurrence - Second warining: Community service with the teacher
3rd Occurrence - Parent contact (phone call, conference)
4th Occurrence - Referral: Meet with Ms. Davis


Homework will be given out on Monday through Thursday. Daily homework will be accompanied by a daily homework folder that will contain further information such as the due date and a checklist. Homework is to be completed at home with the help of a parent or guardian. Once the homework is complete, a parent or guardian must review the student's work and sign on the designated line to validate that it was completed. Homework must be turned in everyday and on time.


Grading and assessment is done both formally and informally on a daily basis. Grades will be given based on curriculum expectations, classroom performance, and citizenship. Beginning this year, all final grades will be assigned a letter grade; A, B, C, D, and F according to student performance. If you have any questions about how these grades are detemined please contact me to set a meeting.

Late Work

It is important that the student turns in his/her homework on time. If for some reason the student cannot turn in their homework on its due date they will be required to finish it during recess time. It is recommended that the parent or guardian send a note to the teacher stating the reason why the homework was not completed. Accommodations will be made if there is a valid reason otherwise points will be deducted from the student's grade.