Parent Expectations

Parent expectations to assist in the success of your child's education.

As the first teacher your child has ever known, you hold a great influence over the success or failure of their education.

Every day your child will have homework; including the weekend.  Your child is to read out loud to you or a family member.  At the end of each page the child should summarize what they have read.  This will assist the child in meeting their fluency goal of 111 words read out loud in one minute by the end of the year.  Students at every grade need to read out loud daily for 20 minutes.   When you have heard your child read, sign the agenda.  

Spelling test are given each Friday. To prepare for each one students need to write their words one to two times each day.  I will send them each week through DOJO.

Please write any notes you have for me under "comments" in the agenda or contact me via the or email

Thank you so much for your help!