Supply list for 2016 - 2017

Supplies you will need


  1.      for the YEARpencils(sharpened)
           60—100 are needed per student                                                                                                   

   2.          4 glue sticks (one per quarter)

    3.          4 erasers (One per quarter)

    4.   1 box of crayons (NO markers)

     5.     Sharpener with case to catch shavings

             5a.  One sharpener for at home too.

  6.   Plastic folders that  fit in your 3 ring binder

Mandatory colors: RED,  BLUE, GREEN,  YELLOW

                                    LA, Math, HW,  SS/SC

    7.   3 packs of notebook paper  (NOT SPIRALS)

     8.  8 Dry erase markers  (2 per quarter)

      9.  1 old sock as an eraser for #8

    10.  2 inch binder (white )

    11.  pencil case made for binder


            Class use:

                         4 boxes Kleenex 

                      Yes, we do use that much


                    2 Large Germ-X  Hand Sanitizer

       used before lunch, after blowing nose and                        whenever.


                4-6 Clorox wipes for desks

                       In attempt to keep EVERYONE healthy

                              the students wash their desks

                                   at least 2 times per day. 


                        1   Lysol or germ killer spray

                            The room is sprayed down nightly