Rules and Procedures

Classroom Rules


The rules in my classroom emphasize and reward POSITIVE behaviors (DO's) rather than NEGATIVE behaviors (DON'Ts). 

Behavior System

In this class I will be using a clip chart. Upon arrival each day, your child will have his/her clothes pin on the green section of the clip chart. As the day progresses your child’s clothes pin can move up or down the chart depending on behavior. If/when your child’s clothes pin is moved up they are demonstrating awesome behavior and are acting as a role model for the rest of the class! If your child’s pin gets moved down then there is need for improvement. The behavior chart goes as follows…


Green: Ready to learn

Yellow: Think About it- Your child will have the opportunity to reflect on their behavior with adult help.

Loss of privilege: The student will lose recess or any other fun activity.

Blue: Call Parent

Those that stay on green every day AND complete their weekly homework (see below) will get to pick a prize from the treasure box at the end of each week. 



Your child is responsible for completing their homework every will not be given for late homework, with the exception of absences.  Homework consists of 2 parts:  reading (or being read to) for 20 minutes Mondays-Thursdays, and a weekly homework packet which will be given out on Mondays and is due Fridays.  This packet will reinforce what we have been learning in class.