Classroom Expectations


In Room 301 we have three expectations that every student should meet, every day.

1. Be responsible!
We raise our hands to speak and ask questions. We follow directions quickly. We complete all our work to the best of our ability.

2. Be safe!
We keep our hands to ourselves. We walk instead of run while on campus. We use are materials wisely.

3. Be respectful!
We use good manners. We allow others to finish talking before we start. We are always honest.

In our classroom, 
we do thank yous
we do please
we do real 
we do I'm sorrys
we do praise
we do tests
we do laughter
we do mistakes
we do respect
we do happiness
we do dreams
we do peace 
we do growing 
we do working hard
we do friendships 
we do learning.