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Sunridge Elementary News

School is a huge part of family and community life. It’s where our children spend their days; it’s where we gather to celebrate talent and promote the pursuit of lifelong learning. Use this page to keep apprised of the news and events that affect your family.

Welcome Back

We are very excited for the 2021–2022 school year! Meet the teacher night is July 28 from 4:00 until 6:45 p.m.! In order to keep fewer people on campus, we are going to separate the night into three sections based on your last name. 

  • Last Names A–H - 4:00–4:45 p.m.
  • Last Names I–P - 5:00–5:45 p.m.
  • Last Names Q–Z - 6:00–6:45 p.m.

The first day of school is August 2, and it will be the normal school day from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. We do require uniforms, and backpacks are once again allowed. We look forward to seeing everyone, and we have missed you all so much!